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5 Hong Kong Breweries at

Rotten Head Festival

We've hand-picked 5 of Hong Kong's best craft beer breweries for you to enjoy, some of them international award winners. 

Hong Kong is brimming with clever and exciting artisans and we can't wait for you to try their products.

Click their logos to visit their websites and follow them on Facebook to get involved in their creative journeys. 


Black Kite Brewery

Black Kite Brewery was founded by Hong Kong-born brothers David and Daniel Gallie, and named after the familiar bird that is often seen soaring amongst Hong Kong’s skyscrapers. Using fresh ingredients from around the globe, the brewery produces a core range of classic styles, as well as periodic specials.

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the brew commons logo.jpeg

The Brew Commons

 In Hong Kong's evolving craft beer landscape, 4 beer lovers from different backgrounds met in the Beer Judge Certification Program. There is only 1 thing in common - the passion for craft beer. The love of craft beer brought friendship among them and the community. They discovered that all beer geeks, indeed, have a lot in COMMON. The 4 beer lovers decided to build a brewery to pay tribute to this special community. And there goes the name - The Brew Commons

Together, we brew for the common good.

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HK Whistle .png

Hong Kong Whistle

We are a boutique brewery founded in 2016. We focus on the production of affordable, yet luxurious beer. Our beer has a fascinating connection with the contemporary culture and collective memory of Hong Kong.
Besides our delicious beer, we also provide hop hounds with a shot at experiencing the brewing process. 

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Moonzen Brewery


Moonzen is a family-run brewery born from our love for authentic beers and ignited by the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. Using only the best ingredients, every Moonzen beer has a story, connecting our drinkers to our brewing journey.

100% Authentic & Natural

All Moonzen beers are unpasteurised and unfiltered. Its superior quality is manifested in its enchanting aroma, fine bubbles, and satisfying flavour.

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Tai Wai Beer

This is where our story begins: Tai Wai – it is not only a place full of our brewer’s childhood memories in HK, but also a local phrase that embodies the meaning of TOGETHERNESS and SHARING among friends.

We are the 1st HK local brewery using Western tea leaves to infuse beer with a series of tea-flavoured beer in Asia with the vision is to brew beer that even non-beer drinker will come to appreciate the art. A series of tea-Infused beer will definitely leave you wanting more. Named as No.1 to No.5, not only indicating the flavor from the lightest Chamomile Pilsner to strongest Rooibos Tea Porter, but also easy to be remembered on your favourite one.

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The Rotten Head Alternative Drink Bar

Although we adore craft beer and we love all the brilliant producers, we appreciate people have different tastes, so we've made an alternative drink bar, with all the usual drinks you love, including a delicious Prosecco, and of course lots of soft drinks for you non-drinkers and underage monkey heads. 

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