Get your kids' design on a Tee

Adults and kid's sizes available

Upload your image and once approved we'll send you a link. 

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Submit your kid's drawing and we 'teeshirtize' it!


We can do this to almost any drawing, but it works best if the drawing is on white paper with nice bold lines.

How does it work?

Your kid (or anyone!) creates a totally cool piece of artwork. Everyone agrees that this drawing is too good even for the fridge.

Amazing piece of art is created. HUZZAH!

Artwork is emailed to andrew@rottenheadfest.com

We use magic to 't-shirtize' the drawing 

We send back for approval before you choose sizes and colours of T-shirt, then we send you a link to choose colours and sizes.

We all agree this T-shirt is going to be awesome then payment is made and T-shirt goes into production

Elves make T-shirt and it's sent to you for you and everyone else to enjoy and laugh about for years to come

You tell all your friends so we can keep the dream alive!

Remember this works a lot better on a white piece of paper with clear bold lines.