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We'll have reusable plastic cups for you to use. 

Collect a cup from the pick-up point for a $10 deposit.  Use this for your first drink. When you want another, just take it to the bar and they'll gave you a new one. When you've finished your day, return your cup to get your deposit back. You'll help to make a real difference. 

We love the world in which we live and we want to pass it on to our little ones in the best possible state.

The world is at a tipping point with plastic. We unnecessarily create too much that we needlessly dump. This ends up in landfill or worse, the sea, eaten up by marine life.

We can see the extent of this problem after every typhoon, as the beaches spit back out a fraction of what we throw in. The coastlines sometimes knee deep in rubbish.

What are we going to do about it?

We've teamed up with Plastic Free Seas to make sure Rotten Head Festival is as low impact as we can make it.

We're working with government agencies and NGOs to create the best eco festival possible, but we'll need your help and support in making this happen.

For the upcoming festival we ask...

  1. NO single use plastic to enter the site. Think the major brand water you get from the corner store or bodega. 

  2. If you need to bring something in a container, make the container cardboard, paper or reusable plastic. We're asking this from all our vendors and suppliers. 

  3. We'll have bins on site for recycling and general rubbish, PLEASE use them. 

  4. Don't just drop stuff because it's dark and you don't think anyone will notice or care.
    We notice and we care.

If we can do this, we're proving to the big festivals that it's possible, and then they'll have to follow suit and we can slowly and surely make the world a tiny bit better to live in. 



Plastic Free Seas

All marine animals

All land animals

All flight and flightless birds

The Earth

Future generations

Below is Billy the cow. He lives on Lantau Island as was as friendly as could be. He died because we weren't careful with how we disposed of our waste. Read all about it here.  

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