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I love what I do and have been doing it for 14 years. That's a lot of experience in print, digital, web, photography, branding and marketing. I've made magazines, kids' books, business books, stationery, posters, business cards, pull-up banners, leaflets, t-shirts, even flags! You name it. If you need it, I can make it. 

I make websites in Wix. This means I don't have to spend hours coding. I can create beautiful, functional and effective websites that cost you less, without compromising on quality. Why pay more?


Obviously this isn't an exhaustive list of my work so if you don't see a style you're after or a piece of work that you need, give me a shout and we can chat through your requirements. 

Whatsapp me 9547 6438, drop me an email or leave a message and we can work together to create something wonderful. 


Andrew helped to create my new company logo, website and business card. Andrew was great to work with, with so much patience for his time and my almost everyday changes and updates. He added his own creative flair to my logo and website and knew what it was I wanted out of my new venture. Great in communicating by email, whatsapp or telephone when needed and he always had a solution to my queries. Highly recommend Andrew


—  Estelle Davies,  Living Oceans Education, Hong Kong

I am Hong Kong's first Wix Certified Web Design Expert. I've been creating websites that create some noise for new and established businesses for years and know how to create designs people like to use. I push the limits of design to get you results

JD Yacht Charter__Show.png

JD Yacht Charters

I worked closely with David and Jeffrey to find out exactly the site they wanted. They have one of the largest number of charter boats for rental in Hong Kong so it was a challenge to best display this. They've received excellent feedback on the website so that makes me very happy indeed!

Rotten Head Festival

The biggest and best thing to nearly happen to Lantau Island , Rotten Head Festival is a celebration of fun, life and family. It unfortunately got cancelled in October 2019 but is set for a massive come-back in 2020. They're currently doing a delivery service for amazing craft beer that's both reasonably priced and not readily available in supermarkets. Visit now to buy. 


Ben Chu

Ben worked as the Economics Editor for the UK newspaper The Independent, and is currently a broadcast journalist for programme BBC NewsNight.

Ben wanted a clean platform to showcase his portfolio and a place for his writing, that would be easily searchable and sharable. 

MC Security

One of the most respected security firms in Asia, MC Security were very exacting in what they wanted and how they wanted it. They have a very strong reputation to uphold, so the look and feel of their site was incredibly important. 



Run by Anoush Clements, UpBright aims to give assistance exactly where it's needed. If you have a family and are struggling with the interpersonal relationships, please do click and check her out. There are some excellent coaching videos and more to help you on your way. 

Manesh Manolo

Run by Manesh Chellaram, a 7th generation member of the Chellaram family, Manesh Manolo is loved by the glitterati and business folk, alike. With their varied fine fabrics from top fashion houses, fine in-house tailoring and excellent and approachable customer service, Manesh Manolo is the place to get fitted out for your fine business wear. 



I worked as a graphic designer for the Metropolitan Police Service at New Scotland Yard in London for 9 years before moving to Hong Kong and setting up STORM Design.


I worked as Senior Graphic Designer at Bay Media Publishing for 3 years and single handedly set up their in-house graphics studio whilst making three magazines. The studio clients ranged from HSBC to barrister's chambers and independent small businesses. 

After leaving Bay Media I continue to freelance whilst setting up Hong Kong's freshest music festival Rotten Head Festival

I've got years of experience in print and digital and am an expert in graphic communication. I'm also randomly Hong Kong's first Wix Certified Web Designer, which is nice.

Drop me a message to see how I can help you.  




I have shot  front covers for 3 magazines, delicious food for menus and social media, photographed people for print articles and also enjoy urban photography.


Food photography for My Thai Restaurant. They wanted help with photography and menu design as part of their 5th Anniversary celebration menu

As Senior Graphic Designer at Bay Media, I was responsible for many of the magazine cover shots. I always looked for an interesting angle and great light


Social media, promotional shots and images for web for Rotten Head Craft Beer Delivery

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 2.33.14 PM.png
Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 2.33.53 PM.png
Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 2.34.17 PM.png


Created the book Journey to Profitability with a unique layout and full custom illustrations and iconography

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 2.19.38 PM.png
Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 2.17.39 PM.png

I've worked with varied and diverse industries to create logos, from education, health and fitness, consultancy and events


Created a menu for My Thai restaurant's 5th anniversary celebration menu. This was challenging as they wanted all the images added to the menu, but the result is a clear and inviting menu accessible in 2 languages. 


I've created a wide range of events signage and materials, from 4m high bowhead flags to leaflets, maps, pull-up banners and more. 


BRANDING - Case Study

I was tasked with creating the branding, logo, website and collateral for a new athleisure wear brand Flow With Me. Their strong ethos of sustainability, eco and quality were the most important factors. I wanted to steer clear of the pastels and soft tones so synonymous with the industry, and instead create a strong palate with sans-serif font to empower the brand going forward. 

Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 10.50.43 AM.png

BRANDING - Need Assistance?

Your brand is so much bigger than simply your logo and font choice, although they're important. Your brand is your promise to your customer, your every interaction with them, whether it's over the phone, online or being handed a business card. It's every click of a button and every word people read. It matters. 

You base your brand on who you're looking to target as your client base - you can't appeal to everyone. 

I'll help you to discover your audience, target their tastes and put your business firmly in their minds as the one to choose. 

Tone of voice

The language you use will determine who you appeal to


High-end, expensive, classical, professional, renegade, funky, fresh, technical. All these company appearances can be achieved with some careful planning


Who is your audience and what's the best way to reach them?


A picture paints a thousand words and the images you use tell your story


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